Oyster knives and more The Fourth Cliff Tool Company designs and supplies high quality food preparation tools. Located in Marshfield MA, their studio  looks due north to Fourth Cliff in Humarock, where the North River runs  into Cape Cod Bay, on the south shore of Massachusetts.

Where did the idea for the design of the Nacre oyster knife come from?

James and Dori Read’s  idea for the Nacre oyster knife was born out of their love for shellfish, especially oysters. For over 30 years, they have sought out seafood  bars and markets in which to savor  oysters. Dori learned how to shuck oysters in the Florida Keys one winter, and continued as a shucker in New England, working at oyster bars and catering private parties. As the price of oysters at restaurants has increased, Dori and James have turned to entertaining at home, preparing locally procured seafood (Duxbury Bay oysters are favorites). With a background in fine art, and as a Product Designer, James envisioned a sculptural, elegant solution to the functional look of the oyster knife.


The goal of their company, “Fourth Cliff Tool Company”, is to develop products with a high residual value, taking everyday tools and transforming them into collectible, soulful objects that will last a lifetime and to be passed down to next generations.